Health and liability insurance

You are required to have appropriate health insurance when staying in the Netherlands. It is recommended that you have appropriate liability insurance as well.

Health Insurance
If you are a citizen of one of the European Union countries and you will stay temporarily, you only need to apply for the EU Health Insurance Card free of charge in your own country, provided you are not privately insured. This card provides you with the same health insurance rights and benefits as Dutch citizens. Note: this insurance only covers medical insurance, not liability.

If you are a student from an EU country and you have private health insurance, or you are a student from outside the EU, then you should check whether your health insurance in your home country covers your temporary stay in the Netherlands. If not, it is recommended to obtain an International Insurance Passport for Students (IPS).

Reclaiming with an EU Health Insurance Card
When you want to claim the medical costs (consultation family doctor, dentist, etcetera) that you have made during your stay here, please contact AGIS Verzekeringen.

The insurance company will always demand an original proof of payment / invoice and a copy of your EU Health Insurance Card in order to process your claim. Please also keep in mind that the exact coverage of costs will be determined by the specific terms and conditions of the insurance.

Liability insurance
Please check with your (health) insurance company at home whether you have valid liability insurance for the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, you are legally liable if someone suffers damage through a mistake or accident caused by you. That means you must compensate the other person for the damage suffered. Personal liability insurance (aansprakelijkheidsverzekering, AVP) protects you against this.

AVP covers almost all damage for which you, as a private individual, can be held liable, regardless of how the incident in question occurred. Damage caused by motor vehicles, e.g. through a collision, is not covered by the AVP. For this, you must take out third-party insurance (WA-verzekering).

For a comparison of insurances and prices in the Netherlands, please see this list of insurance companies (unfortunately this information is only available in Dutch). You can also obtain an International Insurance Passport for Students (IPS).

International Insurance Passport for Students (IPS)
An International Insurance Passport for Students (IPS) is intended for foreign students coming to the Netherlands for a temporary stay. This insurance covers medical expenses, emergency dental expenses, extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, liability, baggage cover, and household goods in the event of physical injury. Students from all countries pay € 36.50 per month. The policy fee is € 3.50 per application/renewal. When you buy the IPS insurance through the IPS website before your departure date, travel insurance will also be included. You have to pay the premium before your trip abroad commences or no later than 10 days after your arrival in the Netherlands.

Just like with almost any other insurance company, you have to pay your medical costs first and can claim the costs back from IPS. You can find more information about the IPS insurance on their website.

Erasmus students
Erasmus students are obliged to have sufficient (extended) insurance for calamities (like: illness, accidents, death, unexpected return, repatriation or specific medical intervention), and for legal liability for damage or injury caused to a third party, during their stay in the foreign country and during the journey to and from this country, but also during their stay at the place of work.